Cashes Valley and Old Bucktown Rd

Probably one of the most asked about trails at our meetups by new Jeepers, We are now guiding you through the ride. Cashes Valley and Old Bucktown Rd.
One of our favorite North Georgia day trips and also one of the most asked about trails at our meetups, Cashes Valley will kick off our February ride.
This is a stock friendly trail, however if you are “faint of heart”, you may want to reconsider. There are 5+ water crossings that are fun for the family but if you are not comfortable in your stock Jeep in semi deep water, you may want to sit this one out or your butt will pucker as you nervously laugh.
We will be meeting up at Ellijay Coffeehouse around 9:30am and leaving for Cashes Valley promptly at 10am. It’s about a 25min ride to Cashes Valley.
Cashes Valley is relatively a short (but very fun) trail so after we leave Cashes Valley, we will be driving over to Old Bucktown Rd for a different kind of fun.
Old Bucktown Rd is about 45 min from Cashes Valley into the Cherokee National Forrest. It is still considered stock friendly, however instead of traversing water, we will be traversing medium size rocks and pits in the road…
This would be a perfect opportunity for a new Jeeper to get a feel of their new rig, learn how to (and the importance of) disconnecting your sway bars and airing down.
Somewhere along the trail, we will be stopping for lunch so prepare to bring a cooler, some sandwiches and / or your Colman grill.
As always, we love your pets so bring THE ENTIRE FAMILY.


• Line up will begin at Ellijay Coffeehouse at 9:30 am
• We will depart at 10 am for the Cashes Valley trial head, about 25 min away
• Stock friendly ride with many water crossings and some rutted road off shoots
• We plan to stop halfway through the ride to have lunch to plan to bring a cooler and sandwiches (or grill)

February 12th - 9:30am








If you want to get a sneak peak of what to expect from Cashes Valley, you can watch several videos on YouTube including this day trip by Road Rash Off-Road.