Join The Georgia Jeep Alliance

When you want more out of Jeeping than just looking good on the road.

The purpose of the Georgia Jeep Alliance Jeep Club is to bring together and promote the interest of family-friendly four-wheeling, responsibly enjoying our country’s natural resources, and promoting participation in activities that help to better the surrounding communities we live in. We promote and educate environmentally kind land use practices.

Additionally, we encourage participation from other Jeep Based Clubs in our activities to help deepen the impact we can make on a chosen charity and unify the overall Jeep community.

If you are interested in becoming a member of  The Georgia Jeep Alliance, here is what you need to know:

To become a member:
  1. Attend an official event and enlist a current member to sponsor your membership.
  2. Complete our online Membership application listing your sponsors full name and pay
    your first (NON-REFUNDABLE) dues to receive your prospect status.
  3. Participate in AT LEAST TWO official events listed on our “calendar of events” on the
    club web site, following our code of conduct.
  4. Participation must be verified by the Membership Chair or event leader.
  5. Once participation has been completed and verified your membership is subject to a
    vote at the following club meeting.
To maintain membership:
  1. Participate in AT LEAST TWO official events per year. (a combination of meetings and
    events from the official events calendar).
  2. Be in good standing with regard to our code of conduct.
  3. Pay Yearly Membership fees (Be up to date.)
  • Membership can be one individual (one account) or joint membership for a married couple (one account) who own a Jeep. With a joint membership, the couple gets one vote in club matters. The family membership is the same as a joint membership. The existing club member can sponsor one individual or both members of the married couple at a time.
  • Prospective members must ask an existing member to sponsor them after attending at least One official event.
  • Once sponsored, potential members must attend two more official events before they are eligible for the membership vote.
  •  Membership votes will be held at the next regular monthly meeting of the club after qualification.
  • The minimum age for membership is 18 years, but teens are welcome to participate in local events. At any event, official or unofficial, that is held out of the local area or deemed by the GJA council to pose a risk, a parent or legal guardian must be present and have all liability waivers from ORV parks and GJA signed.
  • Each member must hold a valid driver’s license and have proof of adequate insurance coverage, which will be checked at random by Council Members of the club.
  • All members, before selling a vehicle, must remove all club decals or emblems from their vehicle. Members who sell their vehicle may maintain regular membership for no more than 12 months. Any member leaving the club or losing membership status is required to immediately remove the club stickers from their Jeep.
  •  All members must conduct themselves in a responsible and orderly fashion whether in or out of club activities. Any member disgracing himself/herself or the club in the public eye will be immediately subject to review by the council for possible expulsion or suspension from the club. The council’s decision will be final.
  •  All club members must have club decals on display during club runs and outings.