The Cohetta Wilderness

This is the first ride of the year. Let’s kick off 2022 as a club, exploring the largest wilderness in the east coast of the United States, The Cohutta Wilderness.
We are bringing in 2022 with our first Jeep ride of the year to explore the Cohutta Wilderness.
The Cohetta Wilderness is the largest wilderness in the Eastern United States, consisting of more than 40,000 acres of untouched forest.
This will be a nearly all day ride, starting at 10am and exploring over 40 miles of stock friendly forest roads, waterfalls, mountain lakes and hopefully Black Bears.
We will be stopping halfway through the ride to stop and have lunch so pack your coolers, gas up and meet us at Paul’s Drive-In around 9:30am on Saturday, January 15th.


• Line up will begin at Paul’s Drive-In in Eton Georgia at 9:30 am
• We will depart at 10 am for the Cohutta Wilderness trial head at Mill Creek Rd.
• Stock friendly ride with some water traverse (less than 2ft deep) and some rutted road off shoots
• We plan to stop halfway through the ride to have lunch to plan to bring a cooler and sandwiches (or grill)
• Estimated 40+ miles of exploring back country dirt roads (hopefully some snow)
• Estimated 5 – 6 hour ride

January 15th - 9:30am








If you want to get a sneak peak of small parts of the Cohutta, you can watch several videos on YouTube including this campsite scouting expedition by Road Rash Off-Road.